Fight Back Against an Unjust Eviction

Fight Back Against an Unjust Eviction

Settle landlord disputes with help from attorney Turner in Texarkana, TX

Leasing agreements are complicated. When confusion arises about the rights of landlords and tenants, arguments are inevitable. For landlord-tenant disputes, turn to The Law Office of John Turner for assistance. Attorney Turner works with landlords and tenants in the Texarkana, TX area, working to resolve matters as quickly as possible. He's not afraid to hold landlords to their word and hold tenants accountable for their actions.

Both tenant and landlord disputes often require legal action. Contact a lawyer today for representation.

When should you contact an attorney?

Tenant and landlord disputes can be challenging to overcome without mediation. With attorney Turner by your side, you'll have a third party with legal knowledge who can help you find a resolution.

You should speak with an attorney if...

  • Your landlord is evicting you with or without cause or notice.
  • You need to renegotiate your lease.
  • Your tenant won't comply with an eviction notice.

Attorney Turner handles both landlord and tenant disputes throughout the Texarkana, TX area. Speak with him today by calling 575-910-7561.